Press furnace thermodent T-07.P(TP-02)

Vacuum press furnace THERMODENT T-07.P (TP-02) with graphic display for all types of annealing: for sintering of metal-ceramic, zirconium and pressing of ceramic crowns.
Increased number of firing programs up to 400, 200 of them are user programs with programmable parameters
  • Graphical display, numerical keypad
  • Convinient Graphical User Interface
  • automatical control of critical parameters, displaying of warning and error messages
  • Operation at night mode
  • Improved control of the firing table lifting mechanism, protection of the motor overpower caused by incorrect denture placement, by falling of outside subjects on the firing table when the chamber is closing etc.
  • SVCS (control system for supply voltage and short-term supply voltage drops) ensures the reliable operation of the furnace in case of significant fluctuations and short-term voltage losses.
  • SARTP - The automatic press pressure adjustment is provided, which raises the pressure reliability and simplifies the technological process of ceramics pressing, especially when working with various materials for pressing.
  • Intelligent optical control over the plunger movement of the actuator cylinder allows you to determine the end time of pressing more accurately, to reduce the pressing time and reduce the likelihood of cracks in the silica clay.
Basic technical specifications Т-07.Р (ТP-02)
Maximum temperature, °С 1200
Heating rate, °С/min. 2 - 200
Operating chamber dimensions diameter, height, mm 100, 90
Furnace overall dimensions height, depth, width 700, 310, 295
Weight, kg, max. 22
Power supply, V; Hz 220, 50
Power consumption/without vacuum pumps/ VA, max. 1250