Photo polymerisation- thermal furnace FT-03 is designed for photo polymerisation in dental laboratories and dental practices and is used for curing light-cured dental models and/or double curing of composite pastes and liquids.
The work table, which rotates at a uniform speed, smoothly guides the object through the entire light spectrum.
Device features:
  • Wide range of light from 365 to 630 nm (main power in the range of 395-405 nm)
  • 16 powerful 10-watt ultraviolet lamps LEDs. The total power is 160 watts. The resource of the LEDs is 20,000 hours
  • Large diameter rotary table 155 mm with a height of the working area of 100 mm
  • 15 photo polymerisation programs and one drying program (Drying Mode). All programs stored in non-volatile memory
  • exposure time (from 1 to 60 min.)
  • temperature in the chamber (from 20 to 60°C)
  • power (from 10 to 100%)
  • Chamber heating.